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Arts and culture See also: Music of Canada, Music of Newfoundland and Labrador Musical genres Canadian music had an active folk music scene during the 1990s. The Celtic and folk revival was also more prominent than the classical and jazz genres in Newfoundland. However, in the 2000s, musicians like Stan Rogers, the Collectors and the Trews dominated the traditional folk music scene in Canada, which later returned to a more folk-oriented sound. In the 2000s, jazz music also began to gain more popularity in Canada. New bands such as the Bobbsey Twins, the Ian and Sylvia, Hot Hot Heat, True North, Pink Floyd and Queen recorded jazz-influenced music. The 2000s saw the emergence of an indie rock scene in Canada, with notable performers such as Billy Talent, Broken Social Scene, CKY, Metric, Nomeansno, the New Pornographers and Arcade Fire. In 2004, Arcade Fire, who hailed from Montreal, were the winners of the Juno Awards for "Best International Album" for Neon Bible. In 2005, Arcade Fire was also the "International Album of the Year". Rock bands like the Archies, the Guess Who, the Rheostatics, the Nylons, and Toronto-based band Simple Plan have also gained attention in the 2000s and 2010s. Of Simple Plan's songs, "If You Could Only See" (2002), "Please Believe Me" (2005), and "We Are Simple Plan" (2007) were certified 2× Platinum in Canada, while "Gonna Fly Now" (2008) was certified Platinum. In the 2010s, alternative rock music gained more popularity in Canada. Arctic Monkeys, Broken Social Scene, the Hallelujah Railroad, and Metric have been receiving international acclaim for their alternative rock music. In 2013, the band Arcade Fire won the Juno Award for "Best Alternative Album" for Reflektor. In 2014, Arcade Fire won the Juno Award for "Best International Album" for My Religion. In 2015, jazz musician Bill Frisell released his tenth album, Ask the Ages: A Christmas Album. Since 1999, Frisell has performed and recorded with a string quartet. The album's songs were composed by Frisell, based on poems by Canadian poet and musician Daniel Johnston. It won a Juno Award for "Best Contemporary Jazz Album". Festivals Music festivals in Canada have become increasingly popular

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Soundcloud Premium Account Generator V11 quimaur

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